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Development of our diverse workforce is a key pillar of HAMI Vision of  having the best people, 

working together to make a difference in the LCD monitor sector,which is used for CCTV security

cameras and industry machines or POS systems. HAMI's employee development model reflects a 

cycle of continuous learning embedded in everyday work, workplace relationships and structured learning.

HAMI invest in employees to keep them at the forefront of their respective fields. 

Opportunities range from daily on-the-job learning, participation in cross-functional project teams, 

mentoring, classroom training, cultural training, online learning, and participation in employee networks.

HAMI’s scale and breadth offer the flexibility to seek multiple careers within one company. 

Our employees experience career growth through development moves, stretch goals, special projects,
 cross-functional projects or expanded responsibilities. Opportunities are provided to move within and across 
functions and businesses as part of our employee development process.  Employees are encouraged to use 
our internal job application system to search and apply for jobs of interest.

We welcome you to join HAMI,which is the global center for CCTV,industry  and POS system LCD monitors.

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+86 755 88351286-804

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