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Talent Concept

  •    1.HAMI strives to establish an inclusive and excellence-driven environment to attract and induct talents in China. Through localization and internationalization of its staff, the company optimizes HR structure, creates Perse and harmonious corporate culture and sets up a platform for the business and staff to develop. 
      Following the company’s established strategy, HAMI implements a talent policy of “specialization, professionalization and internationalization” and builds up a talent team embodying best professional quality, top operation skills, premium working styles and excellent work performances. It endeavors to lead the LCD screen monitors manufacturing in cultivating excellent talents and become a concentration platform of talents.
      The core concept of HR management: People Oriented, Value Creation, Focus of InPiduals and Scientific Development.
      1)People Oriented: an environment of equality and respect is provided and development platform based on demands of the staff established. Excellent talents are the valuable “capital” of us.
      2)Value Creation: Creation of the best value is the objective of the company. Only by enhancing the values of the team and the inPiduals, can the collective value of HAMI be increased in a sustainable manner.
      3)Focus of InPiduals: HAMI takes care of every inPidual staff and helps him grow fast by means of scientific methods, so as to realize common development of the staff and the enterprise.
      4)Scientific Development: HR management is an important part of strategic assurance system, which further requires improvement of its systematic, professional, scientific and advanced works.
      2.HAMI has competitive pay and benefit for its staff. With creating favorable opportunities as company credo, the company creates values for and enjoys achievement with the staff.

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